Winter Sports Protective Pads

Skiing and Snowboarding Protective Pads and Guards

When skiing or snowboarding it is important to have the right safety equipment to ensure you are protected if you fall. By wearing skiing and snowboarding protective pads and guards, you will be able to protect fragile parts of your body if you encounter a fall or any high impact. Whether youre skiing or snowboarding these protective pads and guards are the perfect accessories to stay safe when youre out on the slopes.


Protective pads and guards are made from elasticated meshed material that gives the skier or snowboarder a tight fitting, protective feel. The material is non-slip and helps any impact by absorbing shock that may occur.

Body Armour

There is a wide variety of different protective body armour that are ideal to wear under your snow sports clothing to protect you and keep you warm when out in the mountains. They come in a range of different designs including shorts, jackets and vests.


Pads protect your body from the hard surface that you might fall onto or crash into when skiing or snowboarding on the mountains. The pads give a thick layer between your body and the surface and therefore help soften the blow. Pads are usually sewn into the body armour and are distributed evenly over all the fragile and crucial parts of the body to protect all possible situations. You may find knee pads beneficial, particularly for beginner snowboarders, who may be more accustomed to falls when learning to snowboard.


Guards usually protect smaller and more fragile parts of the body such as wrists and shins. They are the ideal safety accessory to wear when snowboarding or skiing, particularly if you are new to the sport. One simple wrong fall on your wrist could sprain or break it but by wearing a wrist guard, you are reducing the impact that you will face when falling and therefore preventing yourself from a potential serious injury.


In many countries it is now enforced upon you to wear a ski or snowboarding helmet to protect your head should you fall. There are a great range of colours, sizes and styles to match up with your overall outfit and handily most helmets offer a goggle clip at the back, to keep your snow goggles secured at all times when on the slopes or whilst youre enjoying the apres ski!

There is plenty of choice from the skiing and snowboarding pads and guards that is available. So make sure you choose the right protective equipment for your next skiing or snowboarding trip and ensure there are as few injuries as possible encountered.