Women's Fascinators & Headpieces

Womens Fascinators and Headpieces

Fascinators are a fun, fancy and feminine way to update your outfit for a special occasion. Fitting into your hair or over your head, womens fascinators and headpieces are a great way to add a little interest without worrying about hat hair. You can find fascinators and headpieces in a variety of colours and designs to suit any outfit or event.

Designs and Styles

Many of the headpieces and fascinators that youll find have elements such as flowers, intricate loops and sometimes bows. This detail helps to make the piece stand out and adds a touch of flair to your unique look.

If youre self-conscious about your height then you might like to choose a fascinator that has feathers, or other elements that stand upright, and which attaches closer to the top of the head.

Traditional or Modern Take?

If you prefer headwear thats more on the conservative side then you might like to try a headpiece that resembles a hat. Fitting onto the head with a headband or clip, this style has a dome-shaped piece with a brim and decorations on top to look like a traditional hat. The benefit is that the headpiece is lighter and cooler for your head than a hat.

For something a little wilder, choose a fascinator that is unlike traditional hat styles. Going for something with feathers, lace, beading or all of the above to give your look a modern twist.

Where to Wear Your Headpiece

Fascinators and headpieces add a little drama to any outfit so its common for women to wear them to special occasions. A wedding headpiece might be a fresh alternative to the typical hat. Or why not pick a fascinator in your lucky colour and wear it to the races? You might find it turns heads and brings you luck!