Women's Fedora Hats

Womens Fedora and Trilby Hats

The womens fedora hat is a wide brimmed hat with an indented crown, great for keeping the sun off your face on hot summer days. The brim is typically 6 centimeters and the crown 11 centimeters, although measurements may vary with design. A fedora features a hatband usually made from ribbon or leather. Feathers are often used to decorate the hatband to enhance the individual style.

Design and materials

Fedoras can be made with a stitched edge or Cavanagh edge. The stitched edge hat features several seams radiating inwards. The Cavanagh edge features a single invisible stitch. This technique requires the hat to be handmade and is more expensive than a standard stitch.

The fedora can be made from a range of materials. Many modern fedoras are made from cotton, linen, polyester, faux leather or leather. Classic womens fedoras may also be made from wool, cashmere, rabbit, or animal pelts. Straw fedoras are also available.

The Fedora v The Panama

The Fedora is often confused with the panama hat . The hats are very similar, with the main difference being that the panama is made with straw from the Ecuadorian Jipijapa plant. Panama hats may also feature more pronounced pinching on the sides.

Womens Trilby hats

The womens trilby hat is similar to the Fedora, but with a shorter brim and taller crown. Once considered the hat of the aristocracy, there are now a wide range of trilbies. Trilby hats are seen at events ranging from the formality of horse racing to the fun of festivals.

The womens trilby hat is predominantly a fashion item. Unlike the fedora the trilby does not offer much protection from the sun and is often worn on the back of the head.


Trilby hats are traditionally made from rabbit fur, however modern trilby hats are made from a variety of materials including cottons, leathers, and frequently straw.