Women's Gladiator Sandals

Achieving Any Look with Womens Gladiator Sandals

Versatility is one of the benefits of gladiator sandals. You can style them with anything from a pair of shorts to a long skirt. Womens gladiator sandals are designed for casual wear and come in heeled and flat varieties. Look at the different collections on eBay to find a pair that complements any style.

How do you style knee-high lace-up gladiator sandals?

With laces that snake up the leg, knee-length gladiator sandals work well with short outfits because they draw attention to the shoes. They are designed to accentuate long legs and minimal cover makes that possible. A summer dress with a hem that is just above the knees will accentuate the sandals. Shorts and mini-skirts pair well with knee-high lace-up womens gladiator sandals. As for colours and patterns, the rule is to keep them subtle so that they dont overpower the shoes. Cool hues and chic designs will create the classic bohemian look.

Can you create a formal look for work with gladiator sandals?

Yes. Ladies gladiator sandals have evolved from the flat, strappy design they were known for to modern and stylish shoes that can complement any outfit. Heeled sandals are the most suitable for formal wear. You can wear mid-calf gladiator sandals with a skirt or trouser suit. Smart casual is another style that you can get with gladiator sandals. Pair skinny jeans or leggings with wedge sandals for the casual Friday look. However, consider the workplace regulations on appropriate footwear before wearing gladiator sandals because some places dont allow open toe shoes or sandals.

What features characterise the right gladiator sandals?

The modern gladiator sandal comes in a host of designs that suit different wearers. For the right choice of shoes look at:

  • Material: Leather is common among many brands but gladiator sandals are also available in satin, jelly, and cork, among others. The look, durability, and comfort of a gladiator sandal depends largely on the material, so make sure you choose this carefully.
  • Sole: Do you want flat gladiator sandals or would you prefer a high heel? If you select heeled sandals, what type should they be? Consider the sole design, size, and the amount of time a particular pair will be worn so as to be practical.
  • Style: Gladiator sandals offer many style options from thonged flats to knee-high lace-ups. The style you choose will determine the looks you can put together. For instance, a pair with a chunky sole and leather straps can work with a formal outfit.