Women's Slips & Petticoats

Womens Slips and Petticoats

With todays modern fashion, the tradition of wearing petticoats and slips can sometimes be forgotten. But paired with the right outfit in the right way, womens slips and petticoats add a dose of glamour and style. A clever slip can also smooth out your bodys contours, and allow your clothes to hang beautifully.


If youd like to dazzle at a special event, or just add an interesting detail to your look, a full petticoat will do the trick. Different colours, lacey details and a properly cinched in waist will add allure to any outfit.

You can also find clever anti-static petticoats that resemble more of a slip, with smooth, clean lines that act as a figure flattering underskirt. If youre a style guru, its also worth checking out some lovely 1950s inspired swing petticoats.

Half Slips

Half slips, or underskirts, can be a girls best friend if you want to look your best. They can make even heavier fabrics, like wool, hang perfectly on your frame. You can find products made from cooling materials so you wont feel overheated when you layer it with your dress or skirt.

Chic neutral colours are popular and you can find half-slips in a range of lengths. Big household names like M&S and Ann Summers have a whole range to choose from too.


To get the full effect from top to bottom, a chemise, or a full slip, is a must-have in any womans wardrobe. Pretty chemises can not only make you feel sophisticated, they also do exactly the same job a half-slip, except they start from the top of your body.

Slinky, strappy designs are easy to pair with most outfits, while anti-static products will stop things clinging in the wrong places. You can also find plain designs, V-necks and chemises with lace trimming.