Womens Stockings & Hold-Ups

Womens hosiery is often functional and something of a necessity so if youre looking to add a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe then why not go for a pair of womens stockings and hold-ups? Bringing a touch of sexy sophistication and old-school glamour theyre the perfect choice for daytime or date night.

Stocking and suspenders

If you like to wear skirts and dresses then stockings and suspenders are the perfect way to keep your lower legs covered. The stocking rises to the mid-thigh and often has a pattern or lacy effect of some sort at the top to add some detail and a pretty finishing touch. This extra detail in the middle of the thigh can also help to make the leg look longer.

If you go for a lacy suspender belt to hold up your stockings then you may prefer the lacy stocking top to match. Or if youre worried about visible lingerie lines under clothing opt for a smoother pair.


Hold-ups are the same general shape as stockings with the major difference being how they stay up. Hold-ups have a stretchy elastic top and a band made from a silicone-type material which keeps them in place and stops them from sliding down the leg. Hold-ups are a great option if youre not keen on the fuller coverage offered by tights but you dont want to wear a suspender belt either, as they give the same coverage as stockings without the need to wear any extra lingerie.

Colours and styles

Youll find a wide choice of colours on offer, from natural tones such as beige and tan, through to classic black and many other colours such as blue and red. If its a certain style that youre after and youre a fan of vintage then you might like to try a pair of stockings or hold-ups with a back seam. The seam runs from the back of heel all the way up the leg to the top of the stocking which gives the effect of elongating the leg.