Women's Umbrellas

Womens Umbrellas

With rainy weather never far away in the UK, an umbrella is a key facet of any womans accessory arsenal. Available in a multitude of colours, styles and sizes womens umbrellas give you the chance to make a fashion statement as well as offering a practical way to stay dry.

Practical styles of umbrella

If you want something that you can easily slip into a handbag a womens compact folding umbrella gives you that option. The small size of a compact umbrella means you can carry it with you for those just in case days, without it weighing down your bag or being cumbersome. The wide choice of designs and colours mean that you can choose something that really stands out or go for a more classic black for a timeless look. For a fun option, you can even find umbrellas that change colour in the rain.

Larger than folding umbrellas, providing full protection to the head and shoulders, a womens dome umbrella usually comes in a clear plastic, sometimes with a pattern along the bottom edge. The major benefit of the clear material is that it allows you to see areas that would be blocked from view by an opaque fabric. This means you are less likely to bump into things or other people around you.

For added protection from the rain and adverse weather, you may prefer a standard womens umbrella . The large surface areas provides a lot of shelter and is ideal if you are walking with someone else. The curved handle makes the umbrella easy to hold when it is up and over your head and shoulders; the handle also makes it easy to carry or walk with when the umbrella is not in use.

Attractive and decorative umbrella styles

Usually considered a practical item, womens umbrellas are actually available in many attractive styles. If youre looking for something a little unusual, a pagoda umbrella offers a stylish alternative while protecting you from the rain. Available in a choice of colours this style of umbrella can be a good way to brighten up a dull day.

Womens umbrellas are often associated with wet weather; however, some womens umbrellas are designed to give protection from the sun. A parasol is an attractive option if you want to enjoy being outdoors while keeping your skin out of direct sunlight. Featuring feminine designs, bright colours and intricate patterns, parasols have a decorative as well as a functional appeal.