Women's Wedge Heels

Womens Wedge Heels

The first wedge heeled shoe was designed by Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo, around 1930. Originally designed as an orthopedic shoe, the first wedge heels were made from cork and wood, because there was a leather and rubber shortage at the time. Today, womens wedge heels are made from a variety of materials including plastic and Perspex. The thick, chunky wedge heel is made in one piece and can offer a slight raise or several inches.

The health benefits of wedge heels

Chunky wedges offer more support than slim high heels and stilettos. The one piece heel provides more arch support and helps to reduce foot and ankle problems.

Different types of womens wedge heels

Ankle boots - Wedge heel ankle boots typically have a bootie style design with a zip fastening.Shoes - Comfortable and classic court shoes with a wedge heel are ideal for day to evening wear.Trainers - Many trainers and sports style shoes feature a wedge heel with platform sole for maximum performance support. Wedge trainers were first popular in the 1990s.Sandals - Wedge heel sandal styles range from enclosed or peep toe slingbacks to strappy sandals and sliders.

Different height variations of womens wedge heels

Low - Many sandal styles, including the flip flop, feature a low wedge heel. Some vintage shoes that feature a pointy toe also favour a low wedge heel.Mid - The popular mid high wedge heel is mostly found on court shoes, strappy sandals and boots.Platform - The retro style platform wedge is a popular design for trendy trainers and fashion ankle boots.

Different styles of womens wedge heels

Vintage - Many styles of vintage dancing shoes have a low to mid height wedge heel for easy and comfortable movement.Court shoes - Women who want to accentuate the length of their legs, but find high heels uncomfortable to wear, opt for a smart court shoe with a wedge heel.