Yamaha Upright Pianos

Own a Work of Art - The Classical Yamaha Upright Piano

The first piano in Japan was an upright Yamaha piano made in 1900 by the founder of the company. More than 100 years later, the Yamaha upright piano is still regarded as one of the finest pieces of musical instrumentation that inspires quality and inspiration. Each upright piano is crafted with extreme care, allowing thousands of small precision instruments to work in harmony with each other

Models of Yamaha upright pianos

Most Yamaha upright pianos, such as the Yamaha U3 and Yamaha U1 models, were manufactured between 1972 and 1988. The period was also considered to be the pinnacle of Yamaha upright piano manufacturing. It also means that if you are looking for a used Yamaha U3 piano or a pre-owned Yamaha U1 piano, any upright piano manufactured during the 70s and 80s is naturally a good choice for used models. They are relatively affordable options that can be found in like-new condition and various pre-owned styles on eBay.

The first models of Yamaha upright pianos, such as the U1H, UX, and YUH, werent manufactured until 1982. The first variant U1H weights around 217kg, while UX and YUH weight more than 240kgs and have a greater dimension. Other models such as U1A, U3A, UX1, and UX3 are considered slightly newer models and were constructed after 1982. The weight, colour, and dimensions of piano Yamaha U3 and newer models are generally similar to the older models, but youll want to consider your space requirements to help you select a model that will fit where you want to place it.

What distinctive features might Yamaha upright pianos have?

Yamaha pianos are known for their fine mechanical engineering. The original colour and material of the Yamaha U3 piano and other models is mostly black polyester. You may also find other colour variants, which sometimes indicate that the piano was licensed to be manufactured outside Japan.

Most Yamaha U3 pianos, like other upright pianos, consist of a practice pedal that can help you play the piano more silently. Yamaha also has a built-in “silent system” for these models, but the “silent system” may require occasional checks as the bar between the hammer and the string can interfere with the silence mode.

Buying a stylish Yamaha upright piano

Before buying these pianos, you should understand that the owner may have repaired strings and other mechanical features for maintenance purposes. To keep these pianos in perfect condition, some owners also replace case and loops to ensure that they don’t lose the tone.

Make sure to inquire about any replacement and repair because reputable owners always ensure that their instruments are in top-notch condition. A slight modification is acceptable as long as the piano doesn’t lose its tone.

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