Z Gauge Model Railways & Trains

Small and detailed Z gauge model railways and trains

Add something new to your Z gauge model railway with something from this extensive range of Z gauge model railways and trains. Browse through Z gauge locomotives, wagons, track pieces and other accessories to find the perfect new additions to your set-up.

Z gauge model railways and trains were created by the well-known German brand Marklin, and the models are some of the smallest available. This means that a Z gauge model railway is ideal for those who are short on space, as Z gauge models offer the fun of model railways and trains but on a conveniently smaller scale.


As Marklin were the originators of the Z gauge model railway, you can expect to find lots of Z gauge model railway locomotives from Marklin to add to your collection. Go for recognisable models such as those from the Marklin Mini Club.

Youll also find lots of other brands of Z gauge locomotives available, so you can be sure to select the perfect new models for your railway.


To go with your Z gauge locomotives, you could also pick up some Z gauge model railway wagons to add to your collection. Go for passenger wagons for a classic look, or give your model railway a more rugged theme by going for industrial wagons such as boxcars, timber wagons, shipping containers and flatcars.


No model railway would be complete without a track for you to run your trains on. Youll find loads of Z gauge model railway track in this range, so you can get your model railway arranged just the way youd like it.

Parts and accessories

To add the finishing touches to your Z gauge model railway, pick up some parts and accessories that would fit with the smaller Z gauge scale. Go for houses, bridges, stations, trees and even people to really bring your model railway to life.