Intel Core i7-3770K Computer Processors

Working Well with an Intel Core i7-3770K

Known for its rounded performance and improved graphics, the Core i7-3770K was the fastest CPU of 2012. If you’re shopping for a Core i7-3770K, you’ll need to gain an understanding of its specifications. The i7-3770K has a PassMark Single Thread Benchmark score of 2080 points, which means its processing power outperforms that of its predecessors.

What are the primary specs on a Core i7-3770K?

No gamer can be blamed for wanting to benefit from the price of an i7-3770K. They also make excellent use of power and feature four physical cores. The Core i7-3770K clocks in at 3.5 GHz, rising up to 3.9 GHz. Its L3 cache is also certainly worthy to note. The Intel Core i7-3770K also has:

  • Eight threads, a single thread score of 2080 points, and a TDP rating of 77.
  • Core i7-3770K socket support at 1155.
  • A relatively low floating-point speed, but high consistency scores. This makes it best for desktop usage and gaming.
How does the i7-3770K perform?

The Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor was rated in the top 5% of all CPUs. In contrast, the Core i5-2500K ranked in the 29th %ile.

  • The Intel i7-3770K's total clock speed and L2 caches are identical to the i5-2500K. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • The i7 has significantly higher RAM speeds.
  • The Ivy Bridge processor has double the CPU threads, which provides faster performance.
  • Both CPUs have integrated graphics.
Which features can affect a CPU’s performance?

Ivy Bridge processors have several technologies that can impact speed, image quality, and memory performance:

  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0: Uses thermal and power headroom to deliver bursts of speed.
  • Hyper-Threading Technology: Lets the CPU process two threads with each of its four cores.
  • Integrated Memory Controller: Reduces latency, raises memory bandwidth, and improves reading and writing performance.
Which features can affect the quality of graphics?

Ivy Bridge was created for gamers and video editors. It includes various enhancements that can affect graphics on several different levels:

  • Quick Sync Video: Improves conversion of video, online sharing, and video creation.
  • InTru 3D: Supports Blu-ray playback at 1080p resolutions.
  • Intel HD Graphics: Enhances 3D performance for gamers and animators.
  • Advanced Vector Extensions: Improve graphics software performance.
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