Wedding Disposable Cameras

Wedding Disposable Cameras

Wedding disposable cameras are very popular, despite the prevalence of digital cameras and mobile phones. There are various styles and colours available so you should be able to find ones that match your colour scheme. You can find them with silver butterflies, golden hearts, flying red hearts and with stars amongst others. They can usually be bought individually or in packs, and some come with cards so you can write instructions on it for your guests.

Most wedding disposable cameras are placed on tables at the reception and they are a great way to capture all the other fun moments of your wedding day that you may have missed. They allow for some informal photos of your day to be taken alongside the ones provided by the official wedding photographer.

Types and Styles of Wedding Disposable Cameras

The best thing about these affordable and fun cameras is that they come in all different colours and styles to suit your wedding theme, not to mention different kinds of pack sizes to enable you to buy in bulk if you so wish. From individual cameras to packs of 10, 20 and even 50 you are sure to find the amount you want.

Designs range from white with silver butterflies, large and small flying hearts, colourful balloons to all manner of flowers to gold motifs, cherry blossom and vintage style decoration. From plain white and all the colours in between to brightly coloured cameras, there really is something for everyone.

A great way to engage your guests and get them mingling is to give them some suggestions of photos to take. You could choose eye spy wedding table cards that are ideal for keeping kids occupied, or packs with grown-up suggestions to get your friends and family into the spirit to ensure that you have some fantastic mementoes of the day. You can even find ready-made cards to place by the cameras to explain what you want done with them.