Women's Ties

Great for adding a pop of colour or a point of interest to an outfit, ties aren't just for men. Women's ties can sharpen up your office wear, or even your day-to-day wardrobe. Plus, there are plenty of different ways to wear them and styles to consider. From cute bow ties to cravats, the trick is finding the right way to wear yours.

Women's Skinny Ties

A smart, skinny tie can be worn over a button up shirt, tucked into the neckline of your favourite knit or with a chic blazer . Skinny neckties are another option, doubled over in a girly bow at the throat.

Bold patterns are a more daring choice, and if you're after a perfect fancy dress outfit a jazzy tie can add that essential final flourish. But if you'd like to wear yours seriously, stylish thin ties in darker colours over a crisp shirt are one fashionable way to do it.

Classic Shapes

Chanel bow ties, novelty prints and fancy cravats are the perfect choice for a tailored look.

Take inspiration from iconic women like Marlene Dietrich and bend typically masculine looks to your advantage, or use a pretty flash of colour over a feminine blouse. Gorgeous silk ties from designers like Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren add an interesting and bold twist to your office wear too.

Wide Women's Ties

Oversized bows at the neck or pinned to a lapel can make all the difference to an average look. To make things easy you can even pick between tie-on varieties or clip-ons. For more vintage appeal, check out traditional lace neckerchiefs with fancy jewel detailing.

Wider full length women's ties are also an option and whether you opt for a pattern print or a neutral colour, you can make it the statement piece on your outfit and get extra wear out of your tried and tested wardrobe items.