Women's Sunglasses

Women's sunglasses come in many different shapes, sizes and styles with oval, circle, square and rimless glasses being particularly popular. Offering various levels of protection, sunglasses are both practical and stylish. They're comfortable to wear and can be used all year round to help block out harmful UV rays.

Designer sunglasses

Available from many well-known brands including CHANEL, Gucci, Versace and Ray-Ban , designer sunglasses are unapologetically glamorous and showcase many standout features including exaggerated brand details. Oversized frames and logos are commonplace and you'll also find bright, bold colours alongside more traditional tortoiseshell or silver framed styles. Effortlessly chic, designer glasses also tend to come with all appropriate accessories including a hardback glasses case for optimum protection and a handy cleaning cloth.

Polarised sunglasses

Both branded and unbranded sunglasses offer many different types of lens technology with polarised glasses helping to reduce the glare created from reflected light. As glasses of this kind prevent the type of glare which would normally make you turn away from an object or squint, they in turn improve vision and help you to see the world clearly without straining or damaging your eyes. Polarised sunglasses are ideal for those who live in sunny climates or who work/play near water as the glare from rivers, lakes and seas can be a nuisance.

Polarised glasses come in many different designs and are therefore made to suit a variety of face shapes. While wider frames help to balance out a round or oval face, round glasses with thinner frames complement a square face shape characterised by a square jawline, wide forehead and angular features.

Mirrored sunglasses

As well as polarised sunglasses, you'll also find a wide range of mirrored lenses which work to reflect light away from the eyes - just like a mirror. These come in a whole array of colours and styles with many of the lenses offering a subtle tint which changes the colour of the world around you without affecting the mirroring effect of this eyewear type. Mirrored glasses are effortlessly stylish and have a relaxed, laid back feel. Those looking at the sunglasses from the front will be able to see their reflection.

Gradient lenses

Often, sunglasses have gradient lens tints which are both practical and fashionable. Most gradient lenses are tinted from the top down with the darkest gradient appearing on the upper portion of the lens helping to protect the eyes from sunlight when you look up. Lenses of this design are perfect for driving as they prevent glare from the sun whilst allowing you to view your dashboard with ease.