Defrost your car with ease with vehicle de-icers

Get your car on the road in the toughest of conditions with a bottle of vehicle de-icer. De-icer is by far the best way to clear your car of frost on a bitter morning, saving you time and keeping your fingers from turning blue. You can shop an extensive range of high quality and recognised brands such as Prestone, Holts and Comma, ensuring that your paintwork and windscreen come up looking spotless, and even the thickest of ice is shifted in no time. 

What is De-icer?

De-icer is a waterless highly concentrated liquid that will help to melt ice and will not refreeze. Most recognised brands of de-icer will not damage your paintwork, rubber, plastic, or glass. You can find de-icer in a range of different sizes from 100ml to 5L. 

Why you should use de-icer

Believe it or not, it is actually illegal to leave your car running unattended on a public road! Therefore tempting as it may be to start your engine and run back inside for a cuppa, you may end up in hotter water than you otherwise intended. Likewise, if you are trying to de-ice your car manually it is incredibly dangerous to pour hot water on it as it can crack the windscreen. Therefore it is a simple choice between the helpful de-icer or going it solo with the scraper. 

How do you use De-Icer?

De-icer is typically sprayed onto the windows, headlights, and mirrors of your car. Once applied it is scraped off with a scraper. Remember, when scraping your car you should use a dedicated car scraper as other items may get damaged, or worse still crack or chip your windscreen. Some de-icers are concentrates that can be mixed with water and others are sprayed directly. Remember to keep your de-icer safely stored out of the reach of children.