Multipurpose batteries and power supplies to keep you juiced up

With more and more devices in our lives all the time, from laptops and tablets to games consoles and music players, batteries and power supplies have never been more important. So its good to know that youll find everything you need, at the prices you want, right here on eBay. 

Multipurpose batteries

Single-use batteries give you the freedom to take your device almost anywhere, without worrying about plugging it in. Youll find batteries of all shapes and sizes, from coin-sized cells to popular sizes like AA, AAA and 9V block single-use batteries. You can choose the disposable economy of single-use batteries, or go for environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries, which may cost more to begin with but will save you many times over in the long run. Youll find a range of batteries and chargers to choose from, from all the major names. 

Power supplies

You can make your batteries last longer by plugging into a wall socket wherever possible. Youll find all kinds of connectors and converters to allow you to use the 240V mains supply with your device. 

Buying multipurpose power supplies

Make sure you check your connections before you buy to make sure the power supply can plug in properly, and always check the required voltage to avoid damaging your machine. Some multipurpose power supplies come with a range of interchangeable connectors and even have different voltage options, so they can be used with lots of different devices. 

Protecting your electronics

For extra protection, look for power supplies with built-in surge protection. This will protect your device from damage in the event that anything goes wrong with your mains supply. It may cost a little more, but its worth it for the peace of mind it gives you, especially if you have irreplaceable files on your tablet or laptop.