Girls' Leggings (2 – 16 Years)

Girls' leggings range from age 2 to 16 years old and are available in a range of colours and prints. Leggings are generally made from a blend of Lycra with nylon, cotton or polyester. They can be worn with a range of clothing and are perfect both for sports and general wear.

Cotton-lycra or cotton-polyester with Lycra are generally worn for fashion and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. They can be worn by themselves or with skirts or long tops. Leggings are great for children as they will keep up with the rough and tumble of playtime without snagging or catching, yet look stylish and fashionable. They offer a balance of comfort and style, the in-built stretch of the material making them perfect for sports or play with a stylish look which any girl would be happy to wear out every day!

There are numerous types of leggings available including Capriwhich end at the mid-calf and often will have lace or other detail on the hem, sports style which can include stripes or sports manufacturer logos and even faux leather leggings which feature a synthetic material which looks like leather but has extra stretch and flexibility.

Girls may also wish to wear jeggings, a cross between leggings and jeans and include detail such as belt hoops and stitch pockets but have the stretch of leggings.

It is important to note sizing can be different between different brands of leggings and it is worth consulting sizing charts, however as they are a stretch fabric buying slightly smaller should not be an issue. Leggings generally come in three lengths, Capris end just above the knees, calf length about midway down the calf and full length which will end at the top of the ankle.