Car jacks and axle stands for every garage

A vital piece of equipment for both professional garages and DIY car enthusiasts, car jacks and axle stands give you access to the underside of a vehicle. They prop up a car with enough room for someone to slip under and carry out checks and repairs. From scissor jacks to trolley jacks, there are car accessories for every garage right here on eBay.

Car lifting ramps

Car lifting ramps are lightweight but heavy duty stands, capable of propping up most small to medium-sized cars. Typically, these come with two separate ramps to either the front or rear of the car into the air. Choose a Tech7 hydraulic jack with a two-ton capacity for something that can handle most smaller cars.

The heavy-duty steel design can handle two-ton cars with ease, whilst the track on the ramp offers traction for added help getting up and down the ramp. A hydraulic jack sits at the top of the ramps and adds even more lifting height. Borders around the jack section keep the car secured when lifted.

Car trolley jacks

For something highly portable and easy to use, go for a car trolley jack. Typically these have wheels for portability and a long handle for pumping the hydraulic stand. Go for a Draper trolley jack for something with a heavy-duty design and a three-ton weight limit. The durable castors can pivot for maximum manoeuvrability whilst the twistable handle offers easy release.

Car scissor jacks

If you're after something to fit in with your space saver wheel kit, go for a car scissor jack. Make sure you choose something that's compatible with your car, otherwise it may not fit with the space saver kit. These are extra easy to use. Simply slot it under your car, attach the handle and pump.