Men's Jewellery

Fashionable and stylish men's jewellery is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. The decorative pieces are perfect for adding interest to any outfit and are ideal for everyday and evening wear.

Types of men's jewellery

Men's rings are available in a wide selection of designs and styles. Choose from sleek plain or decorated bands or classic signet rings in refined vintage and bold contemporary styles.

Necklaces, chains and pendants form a large part of a man's jewellery collection. These stylish neckwear accessories include chunky oversized chains in a wide variety of styles and necklaces that feature decorative pendants.

Bracelets are available in a selection of styles. This range of men's jewellery includes casual surfer style braided bands and sleek retro, modern and contemporary style ID bracelets and torques. Plain chain designs are an alternative option.

Cufflinks add an elegant finishing touch to any outfit and were traditionally worn to special events. Modern and contemporary designs are perfect for accessorising a business suit.

Tie pins and clips add detail to a plain shirt and suit. The slim bar shaped tie clips typically have a clasp clip for easy wear and are designed to be worn half way down the length of a tie. Vintage and modern styles are available. Collar pins attach directly to the shirt collar and are worn under the tie knot.

Men's stud earrings are available in a wide range of styles, from refined and classic plain ball studs to standout earrings with claw set sparkling gemstones.

Metal variations of classic men's jewellery

Stainless steel men's jewellery typically shows off a modern or contemporary style and design. Many pieces are elaborately detailed and boast a chic urban appearance.

Men's jewellery that is made from sterling silver is a popular fashion choice. The hallmarked, shiny base metal is often used to make stylish chains, rings and bracelets, this classic timeless option is ideal for cufflinks and tie pins.

Yellow gold is a traditional choice for men's jewellery. Many vintage and retro style pieces are made from 9K or 18K yellow gold. Heavyweight chains and necklaces are usually made from this distinctive precious metal.

Silver plated men's jewellery is made from an alloy base that is covered with a thin layer of sterling silver. Alloy is also typically used as a base metal for plated finishes and is often used to make cufflinks, bracelets and chain pendants.