Mobile Phone and PDA FM Transmitters

Ideal for when you want to wirelessly broadcast a radio signal to an FM radio, FM transmitters for phones and PDAs allow you to play your favourite music or downloaded podcasts wherever you are. There are a wide range of phone and PDA transmitters available on the market for all the leading mobile phone manufacturers, each with some unique features and benefits.

Features and benefits of FM transmitters

The primary advantage of an FM transmitter is that it allows you to make use of the better sound quality and increased amplification produced by a different device. For example, you may be travelling in your car and wish to play some music that is only on your mobile phone. Simply connect the FM transmitter to your phone and turn on the device to play music, podcasts, audiobooks or anything else you wish.

An FM transmitter are easy to use as they are designed to simply plug into your phone or PDA with stereo headphone jack , making it incredibly quick and easy to get set up.

FM transmitters offer great flexibility by enabling you to broadcast audio from a fixed device such as a computer throughout your home, so your music or favourite audio book can 'go with you' wherever you are, meaning you don't have to be tethered to one location.

Many FM transmitters use bluetooth technology to send and receive FM signals, making them compatible with a huge array of everyday devices, from TVs and DVD players to PCs and MP3 players. Additionally, most FM transmitters work as both transmitters and receivers, so that you can easily turn play audio through almost any device or from any device.

Just for your car

There are FM transmitters specially designed for cars, allowing you to have a hands free experience and enabling you keep your hands on the wheel whilst still being able to operate your transmitter safely. Some of these even include USB drive and memory support, so you can play music from a wider array of sources.