Get professional looking documents with laminating pouches

Laminating pouches help to create professional looking documents for presentations or conferences. Alongside your laminator, they are an essential piece of office equipment. Pouch sleeves are also used to create reusable materials for educational purposes. 

There is a large selection of sizes available to laminate paper of different dimensions. There are loads of size choices, including A5, A4 and A3 sized pouches, plus smaller business card options. You'll also find laminating pouches and sheets from popular stationery brands such as Texet, Five Star, Fellowes and Q Connect, plus many other quality options. 

Protective cover

Laminating pouches provide a protective cover for a range of paper-based documents. These pouches and sleeves are available in a variety of thickness from 150 Micron to 250 Micron and in packs of a few sheets to hundreds of pouches. 

They offer a watertight protective surface that can be used in a range of environments from corporate documents to educational resources. Most pouches provide high-quality materials and great value for money especially if you decide to buy in bulk amounts. 

Sign and notices

Laminating pouches are most popularly used for creating signage and notices for both home and office environments. They provide a hardy yet flexible cover and can be easily attached to doors and windows. You can also decide on high-gloss, standard or matte effect pouches dependent on the type of finish you require. Most laminating pouches are suitable for different kinds of laminators and are easy to use. 

Hot and cold laminating pouches

Standard laminating sleeves can be used universally in many different laminators and are often referred to as hot laminating pouches due to the heat applied when used. If you're looking for self-adhesive options, cold laminating pouches are a useful option if you don't have access to a laminator. These are also popular for use at home and for crafting activities with children.