Bearded Collie Collectables

Bearded Collie Collectables

Man's best friend comes in many varieties. Bearded collie collectables are perfect for you or someone you know that has a bearded collie as a pet, helping to demonstrate the affection in which this type of dog is universally held.

As well as being decorative and ornamental, dog related collectables can also be a potential deterrent, indicating to people that you are likely to have a dog on the premises. Or you may simply wish to have a collectable as a reminder of a much loved pet to help raise a smile each day your eyes light upon it.

Some types of Bearded Collie collectables

Fridge magnets are always a popular choice for collectable items. Whether for yourself or for someone you know, a fridge magnet with a picture of a bearded collie on it will certainly help to brighten up a kitchen. Fun lovers may opt for a magnet with a humorous phrase on it, with many different types of messages or images to choose from.

Show the world you have a bearded collie with a window sticker for your car. Different pictures and messages are available, with the long term favourite "bearded collie on board" displaying a sense of fun as well as alerting people to the fact you may be carrying your dog with you.

Keyrings always go down well when presented as a gift, or perhaps you simply want to have a reminder of your favourite pet when using your own keys. As well as heart shapes with pictures of a collie inside, you might wish to choose an actual doll style representation of the dog, possibly for younger people who may appreciate it more.

Paintings and drawings are a great way to decorate your home, with many different images of bearded collies being available. You can choose from a classic line drawing for a more traditional environment, or perhaps a more abstract representation would fit well in a contemporary style of room.