Double Your Data with a DVD Duplicator

Although virtual storage and media are becoming more and more prevalent, the need for DVDs still remains. DVD duplicators are a great way to safely and securely store and backup your personal or confidential business data files. Optical discs are still considered to be a reliable and safe medium to use for storing and distributing photos, videos, and important or sensitive files. eBay has many DVD duplicators to choose from, including stand-alone DVD duplicators.

Do you need a computer to use a DVD copier machine?

No, many DVD copiers allow you to copy discs without the need for a PC. An all-in-one or a stand-alone DVD copier features several connectivity options, such as a USB 2.0 or a USB 3.0 input. This means you can simply drag-and-drop or copy and paste files from a flash drive directly to the built-in hard drive inside your DVD duplicator.

Can you use DVD duplicators to copy data from Blu-ray Discs?

Yes, there are many DVD duplicators available on eBay that are compatible with Blu-ray Discs. Some duplicators can make up 15 copies of a Blu-Ray Disc without any PC needed. Models can vary in capability as well as file format compatibility, so refer to the manufacturer site for details. You can expect most DVD duplicators to support common audio, video, and media data formats, including DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD dual-layer. The resulting duplicated label file format will be the same as the copy source file.

What are some features found on DVD duplicators?

DVD duplicators can be packed with many useful features, not only for convenience but also performance. Here are some features you can look for when buying a DVD duplicator machine:

  • LCD Display: Many duplicators offer large and easy to read displays with intuitive user-friendly menus, which are very convenient when copying without a PC.
  • Memory: Some machines offer high memory configurations; 64 GB Ddr2 SDRAM and a buffer memory from 128 MB to 512 MB, sometimes 1 GB or more, is not unheard of.
  • Speed: Many copiers can offer 48x speed when simultaneously copying CDs and speeds of 22x when duplicating DVDs simultaneously.
  • Processors: Stand-alone and all-in-one DVD duplicators often have excellent CPUs. Many include Core i5 or Core i7 processors, which allows them to support 4K ultra-HD and 3D graphics
  • Compatability: Devices typically come with upgradeable firmware, and they're compatible with a variety of operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, and 10.