Great Dane Collectables

Great Dane Collectables

Great Dane collectables are available in a wide selection of designs and styles to perfectly complement any dog lover's collection.

Different types of Great Dane collectables

Ornamental ceramic, porcelain and pottery Great Dane collectables are a popular display option for avid dog lovers. The wide selection of handcrafted and finely detailed dog figurines includes Italian hand-painted pieces, fine porcelain statues and vintage Coopercraft dogs. The large and small Great Dane figurines are available in a variety of poses.

Handmade bronze Great Dane collectables are ideal for standalone display on a mantelpiece, dresser or shelf. Most bronze figurines are mounted on a mahogany stand.

Handcrafted and hand painted fine bone china mugs are a practical and versatile addition to any Great Dane collection. Choose from a variety of styles and designs.

Glass Great Dane collectables include hand-blown Murano glass figurines in sitting positions for the display cabinet and engraved whisky tumblers, wine glasses and beer tankards for the drinks cabinet.

Creating a focal wall feature

Art print Great Dane collectables are a stylishly modern way to extend your collection. Choose from original watercolour paintings, framed prints, fine art limited edition prints and collectable postcards. Limited edition photography prints are also available.

Decorative wall plates, with a Great Dane design, are an alternative option.

To display your love of dogs outdoors, choose an elegant Great Dane collectable wall plaque. The bronzed stone sculptures are highly detailed and perfect for hanging on a wall or fence.

Alternative Great Dane items

To dress the part, choose an elegant shawl scarf that is decorated with a repeat Great Dane print. The clothing collection of Great Dane collectables also includes knitted hats.

Other Great Dane collectables includes leather fob key rings, window stickers and fridge magnets.

Proudly show off your collection of Great Dane items in a display cabinet, perfect for housing collectables.