Newfoundland Collectables

Newfoundland Collectables

A dog lover will truly appreciate receiving an item from the range of Newfoundland collectables. This beautiful large dog, much admired for its bravery, is the theme for an abundance of gifts and souvenirs for canine enthusiasts of all ages.

Newfoundland dogs originate in North America and have been popular in the United Kingdom for the past 100 years. The breed was originally popular for its easy temperament and for the fact it was easy to train. They have grown in popularity since the 1950s and are known for their large size and fondness for playing in water and mud.

Collectable items depicting Newfoundland dogs include clothing, figurines, prints and paintings , as well as more novel objects such as wrapping paper, fridge magnets and key rings . The image of this large and playful pooch is sure to bring a smile to the face of any animal lover.

Newfies, as Newfoundland dogs are affectionately called, have proved an inspiration to artists due to the fact stories have been told of their courage in saving people's lives. Pictures and prints can be found of a Newfoundland dog saving a child from drowning or depicting the unique and loyal bond they have with humans.

A picture or ornament of a Newfoundland dog would be a great gift or a suitable prize in a breed show. You could enjoy a cup of tea from a Newfoundland mug , or choose a plaque for your wall.

Wear your love for the breed with pride with a T-shirt or hat or style your chairs with cushion covers featuring a Newfoundland puppy.

Other ideas for gifts include a Newfoundland dog apron, print or engraving. More unique collectables include car signs, brooches, pendants, shopping bags, greeting cards and postcards.

There are plenty of Newfoundland collectables to choose thanks to the popularity of these lovable dogs.