Sheepdog Collectables

Sheepdog Collectables

Border collie sheepdogs have long been loved by canine fans for their intelligence in herding sheep and for their loyal nature. Sheepdog collectables are popular amongst lovers of this breed and come in many varieties. From figurines to phone cases, there's a sheepdog collectable to suit all tastes.

What kind of sheepdog collectable should I choose?

Many people choose to collect ornaments of their favourite dog breed and many sheepdog figurines are available in both realistic and cute styles. Sheepdog ornaments are ideal for people who love dogs or are known for their sheep herding, either to add to a personal collection or as a gift for family and friends.

Sheepdog collectable figurines and ornaments can decorate a room and make it feel more welcoming. A pretty addition to your sheepdog collection can come in varying sizes, from small shelf ornaments, to larger pieces more suited to a window ledge or book case.

If you're not a fan of ornamental pieces, sheepdog collectables are also available as glasses cases and key rings , meaning you can take your favourite dog breed with you wherever you go! Available in either cute cartoon style or live action photo, these make a fun addition to your sheepdog collection.

For fans of seeing the sheepdog in action, perhaps herding sheep across a rolling green field, then there is a wide range of posters , prints and photographs to suit all tastes. These can often sit in ornate frames and make a nice addition to any collector's home. Posters and prints make an ideal gift for people who love sheepdog collectables, but prefer something a little different to figurines.

Coasters and mugs can also be found with a sheepdog theme, be it a colley an old English sheepdog or a German shepherd. Why not get a set of mugs sporting sheepdogs from all around the world.

If your sheepdog collection is already substantial and you want to learn a little more about your favourite dog breed, there are numerous books available on sheepdogs, both Border Collie and Old English Sheepdog breeds.