Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Vintage acoustic guitars with retro charm

Vintage guitars bring a nostalgia like no other. Elegant and with a warm, distinct sound, they are usually thirty or more years old and are sought after instruments, lovingly maintained by avid musicians and collectors. However, its not just age that defines a guitar as vintage. Its also a term which is often applied to guitars which are infamous for a particular sound, or simply because theyre so rare.

Seemingly when it comes to these guitars there are so many out there, all of which are different prices and specifications, and virtually no two are the same. So why not have a good look through the enormous variety on offer all in one place on eBay today and fall in love with the exact one youve been looking for.

Vintage electric guitars

Fenix guitars were, and are, a particularly popular range of instruments from the late 1970s and 80s. They are often considered to have a better build quality and sound than other vintage guitars made at the same time, particularly the less expensive models from South Korea. Alder wood was used rather than plywood which allows for a truly stunning tone and superb look.

Vintage Höfner acoustic guitars

The Selmer guitars by Höfner were given serial numbers during their distribution throughout Europe in the 1970s. Generally speaking, if you cant find a serial number on an older vintage model then its not a Selmer model. The Hofner Committee Brunette 1960/61 is an outstanding acoustic guitar from the brand, offering a warm, distinctive tone. Made from solid carved spruce and with beautiful birdseye maple back and sides, it also boasts marbled binding and a plain clear perspex scratchplate.

Antique guitars

Dating from around the start of the 20th century, antique guitars are incredibly intriguing and often very beautiful. Many of these very old acoustic models have a particularly small body and due to their rarity are now very expensive. Often with marks and scratches each of which tells a story, antique guitars are generally the reserve of the keenest collectors and are more for looking at than actually playing.