Weimaraner Collectables

Weimaraner Collectables

The Weimaraner breed, originally bred in the 19th century in the German city of Weimar for royal hunting, is an all-purpose gun dog with an abundance of energy. It is a popular breed in Europe and among hunters for its temperament and because of this there's a large market for Weimaraner collectibles. Comprising everything from cufflinks to mugs, stickers to pictures and more besides you can find a collectable to suit your own stash, or as a gift to a lover of this pure breed.

Items to collect and display

The simplest of collectable items are prints and paintings of this powerful, regal looking breed. Oil paintings, watercolours and even photos can look good in a nice frame. Prints can also appear on mugs and coasters to give your coffee table a Weimaraner theme. If you prefer something more three dimensional, there are countless figurines and busts in the shape of these powerful hunters.

Etched glasses make good ornaments showing off great artistry. Wine or brandy glasses with the weimaraner etched into the surface will really show off your love for this hunting pooch.

There's even a large array of fashion items. You can show and share your passion for the Weimaraner by wearing hand knitted beanie hats and jumpers, belt buckles, t-shirts and even aprons, all with the weimaraner emblazoned upon them.

Line your couch with cushions and cover the floor with mats, if you're an enthusiast you'll find a huge selection of items to show of your love for the breed.

Commemorate and celebrate

Whether you want to commemorate a favoured pet or just like the look of this powerful looking canine, there'll be a collectable to suit you and your house. From figurines to mugs and egg cups and practically anything you can think of.