Karmann Ghia Diecast Vehicle

The Karmann Ghia is a sports car made by Volkswagen in special four seat coupe and convertible body styles; it was produced between 1955 and 1974. As a popular motor vehicle, several toy car manufacturers have produced Karmann Ghia diecast vehicle model ranges.

Diecast Karmann Ghia car models are suitable for children aged three and over. They are also extremely popular amongst diecast collectors and Volkswagen and Karmann Ghia vehicle enthusiasts.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia diecast models are made to look as realistic as possible to reflect the real thing. This means that the detailing accurately depicts every last aspect of the original Karmann Ghia car. Typically made in scales of 1:18 and 1:43, these models are perfect for starting a collection or adding to an existing collection.

Atlas Karmann Ghia diecast models

Model Karmann Ghia diecast vehicles are made by several manufacturers including Dinky, which is produced by Atlas, Matchbox, Minichamps and Corgi. Dinky diecast vehicles are particularly popular amongst avid collectors as they have many feature other diecast vehicles don't have.

Dinky Karmann Ghia diecast vehicles

Both the coupe and convertible styles of Karmann Ghia diecast vehicles have been produced by Dinky. They are a favourite of collectors as the cars have working steering wheels, working spring suspension, as well as opening doors, bonnets and boots. Each model has realistic details inside. Friction drive versions are also available.

Karmann Ghia diecast cars

Non-ferrous alloy metals, such as copper, zinc, magnesium and aluminium are used to make diecast models. The metal is melted and this molten metal is then forced at high pressure into a mould of the vehicle's shape. To create the high level of details seen in the various types of Karmann Ghia diecast vehicles, other material, such as plastic, rubber, or glass are used for various parts of the car.