Unimog Diecast Vehicle

Unimog diecast vehicles capture the power and utility of this much loved multipurpose all-terrain truck. Unimog trucks are available in a variety of classic, rare, and collectable military and motorsport designs. The Unimog is an all-wheel drive medium size truck that is produced by Daimler under the name of Mercedes-Benz.

The scale of model Unimog trucks vary from design to design, although typically unimog trucks are available in 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, and 1:50 scales. Diecast manufacturers include Corgi, Matchbox , Schuco and Roco .

Unimog Military

A wide range of modern military forces including the Argentinian, British, Belgian, Dutch, French and American armed forces has used Unimogs. They have been adapted to serve as transports, ambulances, command centres, and communications centres. Unimog scale diecast models are available in the colours and liveries of the majority of modern military forces. Unimog military replicas incorporate military design features such as gun turrets and increased armoured.

Unimog Civilian

Unimogs fulfil a range of civilian functions such as snow clearance, agricultural services, ambulance and fire services, rolling stuck haulage, and airliner towing. No replica European airport model set is complete without a diecast Unimog tow truck. Equally Unimog civilian farm vehicles make great additions to any agricultural collections, and fire and ambulance conversions are an essential component of any European emergency services collection.

Unimog Motorsport

Unimog motorsport models are rare, however they capture the essence of this tough and uncompromising outdoor pursuit. Unimog motorsport models are painted in the colours of motorsport teams, and feature sport design modifications.

Why choose Diecast?

Diecast modelling involves the pouring of molten plastic or metal into a mould. Die-casting enables excellent accuracy regarding dimensions and scales, as well as an exceptionally smooth and intricately detailed finish. Diecast models do not require painting or assembly and tend to come with a plinth or stand for presentation.