Lexus Diecast Vehicle

A great gift for any Lexus owner or simply are a fantastic addition to any model car collection, Lexus diecast vehicles are high quality scale replicas featuring impeccable attention to detail. These vehicles are available from most major model car makers such as AUTOart, Maisto, IXO, Kinsmart and Minichamps .

Lexus cars

Lexus is the luxury car wing of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. Lexus are renowned for their range of hybrid coupe, sedan, convertible and SUV models. Lexus diecast models capture all the fine details and innovative design of classic and contemporary Lexus cars.

Popular diecast Lexus models

The SC430 is the classic Lexus grand tourer convertible. The SC 430 diecast model features elegantly curved exterior design and interior detail that captures the quality of the leather and brushed aluminium finish. Variant models of the SC 430, including the hardtop and soft top designs, are available in a range of scales. Collectors may be interested in purchasing a model SC430 as it was the last car to be sold in the US featuring a cassette player.

The SC 430 has also competed in a number of Super GT series. Variants of the SC 430 incorporating team livery and Super GT design features are available, although they are rarer than roadster versions.

The Lexus RX is the iconic Lexus hybrid SUV. Diecast Lexus RS models capture the imposing design of the RX range with impeccable attention to detail. As with the SC 430, RX Lexus diecast models are crafted in a range of scales and are produced by the majority of major model manufacturers.

Why choose diecast?

Diecast Lexus models are made from plastic or metal that has been set inside a mould. Using a diecast mould allows for an exceptionally smooth finish and accurate scales and dimensions. Diecast models will come already assembled and painted and they usually come with a stand or a plinth for presentation.