1:43 Diecast Vehicles

For fans and collectors of 1:43 diecast vehicles, there are a world of magnificent models to behold. The greatest names in vehicle manufacturing history and the most iconic models which have left their production floors can all be found replicated, in detail, in a 1:43 size that can be held in the hand or parked on any shelf.

Fantastic vintage items and newer ones too

There are two types of vintage when it comes to diecast vehicles , one type refers to the specific vehicle makes and designs on which the models are based; the other type refers to the age of the models themselves. Combinations of vintage diecast vehicles and their vintage life size counterparts can be found to suit different requirements.

There are many newer items available too, so if a more recently made model of a famous vehicle, from any vintage period, is preferred, there will often be recent releases of such from familiar diecast brands. Of course, if a model based on a newer vehicle is desired then these are often from diecast manufacturers who are still releasing new products.

Lots of vehicle types and makes in 1:43 scale

There are an awful lot of vehicle types to consider when it comes to diecast vehicle collections. It will not be difficult to find whichever types are desired, from the most ubiquitous to the most specialist of diecast vehicles. Cars, commercial vehicles, farm vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, buses, planes, you name it; all these and more have been made to a detailed and precise diecast scale in a variety of gorgeous designs and colours.

Every make of vehicle has been recreated too, from reliable family favourites like Fiat and Ford, to classy sports cars like Lamborghinis and Aston Martins. Any vehicle that you are after is available including Harley Davidsons, extravagant limousines and a plethora of iconic and not so iconic classic in between.

A range of exciting features

Many diecast vehicles can be chosen, all in 1:43 scale, which have additional exciting features. Interesting and collectable features, which often appear, include advertising specimens which are autographed, limited editions featuring personal number plates, models with unopened boxes and models with included cases and stands. These and other unique features can add that extra special factor to certain items, making them all the more desirable and collectable.