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Oxford Diecast Vehicle

There is a vast array of Oxford Diecast vehicle models to see, with many interesting options to choose from. They are all detailed and made to a high standard, featuring accurate representations of the vehicles on which each model has been based.

Vehicle types for all

Collectors and model fans alike can take their pick from a huge selection of models made by the Oxford Diecast company. There are models for almost every kind of type of vehicle imaginable, often with many different individual models available according to its type.

Just some of the vehicles that can be found include vehicles such as ambulances, buses, cars, commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, fire vehicles, limousines, military airplanes, trucks, trailers and vans. With these and many others besides, everybody's interests can be catered for.

Just as many vehicle makes

The scope of diecast vehicles available with Oxford Diecast models is impressive, but the scope of vehicle makes is just as wide. Models based on designs by many of the world's most iconic vehicle makers can be found. A small sample of these include AC; Aston Martin, Austin, Bedford, Bentley, DAF, Daimler, De Havilland, Dennis, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Morris, Scammell, Scania, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo and VW diecast vehicles . For those who have a different vehicle manufacturer in mind, they will almost certainly find Oxford Diecast models based on those made by them too.

Collectors of every generation of vehicles

Oxford Diecast models are based on vehicles spanning the breadth of motoring history. Collectors or fans of classic vehicles and early designs will find lots to choose from. There are also many items which are based on vehicle manufacturers' models from the latter decades of the last century. Then, for those who are interested in modern vehicles, there are plenty of other items to choose from based on contemporary diecast vehicles from the current century, some of which were made very recently.