Norscot Diecast Vehicle

Norscot is a US based promotional products company that produces diecast models as part of its product and service range. Norscot diecast vehicle ranges mostly contain construction and agricultural vehicles. They could be considered unique as Norscot is the only promotional products company that designs, manufactures and distributes diecast models.

Norscot truck diecast vehicles

Norscot diecast vehicles have been made for many of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction vehicles including Bobcat, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Case, Claas, Bell and Liebherr. They are made to order to be used as promotional items.

They have been made for Chevrolet and models include the Chevrolet Spark and the Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ. Norscot diecast car models are most often made to 1:24 and 1:43 scales.

Norscot farm diecast vehicles

Norscot construction diecast vehicles are usually made to 1:50 scale and their diecast farm vehicles are generally produced in 1:32 scale and 1:64 scale.

Their range of scale model vehicles are enjoyed by collectors. Many of their diecast models have won awards from the toy and hobby industry for their high levels of details and authenticity. Norscot diecast vehicles also make great toys for children of eight years of age onwards.

Features found in the range of Norscot diecast vehicles include diecast construction, movable metal tracks and rotating wheels with realistic tyre treads. Norscot diecast models have working parts and lifelike interior and exterior details.

The main metal used in Norscot diecast models is a Zamak, which is a zinc alloy. The diecast process heats the alloy to around 450 degrees centigrade and it is poured in liquid form into a mould. The moulds for Norscot diecast models are often created from the same computer design files as the manufacturers of the real vehicles use. This means extremely high levels of detail and realism are achieved.

Other details on Norscot diecast model vehicles such as windscreens, windows, wheels and tyres are made from materials, which includes plastics, rubber and glass.