Bike Components & Parts

Bicycle Components & Parts

Fitting out and maintaining a bike is a big responsibility. Making sure its roadworthy, fit for the terrain youre using it on and rides well takes a bit of work and tweaking. You will almost certainly have to replace or update parts at some point if youre serious about looking after your bike. Finding the right gear is easy if you refine it by categories like wheels and tyres for instance. But you can also search by budget, brand and condition, such as new or used.

Wheels and Tyres

Thinking about what type of surface youll be using your bike on is the first step to getting the right tyres. Youll also need to consider which kind of wheels fit your bike and usage. You can shop for wheels or wheelsets from brands like Mavic, Hope, and Rohloff. Some examples of products include turbo trainer wheels, hybrid front and rear wheels, and road racing wheels.

Steering and Brakes

Part of keeping your bike safe on or off road comes down to maintaining your brakes and steering components. Be sure of what your bikes make and model will take before shopping for replacement parts or upgrading your current kit. Remember that steering will change depending on the terrain too. Examples of products you can find include front-rear brake set, and extra long handlebars for a variety of bike types, from BMXs to mountain bikes.

Saddles and Other Essentials

Sitting comfortably in your seat is just one other essential for any cyclist of any level, as the seat can make or break your journey. There are other components to consider on top of this, from forks to chainsets and cranks. You can find products that keep your bike shipshape from top to bottom. Just some ideas of whats available include specialised body geometry Targa saddles, bike chains, and mudguards.