Cycling Helmets & Protective Gear

Cycling Helmets and Protective Gear

Keep safe in the saddle with a range of cycling helmets and protective gear. High-quality helmets, protective pads and armour, face masks and reflectors - everything you need to be seen and safe on your bike.

Protective helmets

A bike helmet is essential when riding a bike, whether you're on the trails or the roads, there are a range of helmets to suit all riders - men, women and children. It is important to find a helmet that suits your cycling needs.

There are super lightweight helmets for commuter cyclists or those who are doing long rides. There are smaller fitting helmets for women, some with ponytail gaps so that your hair doesn't get in the way. Helmets for children offer the ultimate protection and come in a range of sizes, and in fun colours and designs.

Specialist helmets include BMX helmets , downhill racing helmets and triathlon helmets. Mountain bikers need extra protection due to the surface they are riding on. Full-face helmets are available to give protection for the jaw and nose as well as the head.

Helmet brands include Alpina, MET, Bell, Raleigh, Cannondale, Louis Garneau and Castelli.

Protective pads and armour

Protect yourself from the danger of falls with protective pads designed especially for bike riders. Elbow and knee-pads are popular with mountain bikers - taking the brunt of any falls and protecting the areas that are you're likely to land on. There are also shinguards and ankle guards. For full-on protection, choose body armour or vests.

Cycling masks

Cycling in the city means riding through a lot of pollution. Protect yourself with a cycling face mask that filters out pollutants. These are designed to allow you to breathe normally whilst cycling. There are also bandit-style face mask scarves that filter out dust.

Reflective accessories

Keep yourself seen and safe with a range of reflective accessories for cyclists. High-visibility accessories include chest straps, rucksack covers, trouser bands, ankle bands and helmet covers.