Vintage Diecast Cars, Trucks and Vans

Coming in a variety of types, colours and models you can be sure there is a vintage Diecast car, truck or van that suits your interests or collection. These vehicles are extremely popular with toy collectors as well as children who enjoy playing with the toy vehicles or having them displayed in their bedrooms. Diecast are available in a range of different sizes, with many collections based on the scale due to the different levels of detailing and rarity of each.

Die-casting method

This method of making toys is one of the most popular, which was first used in the early 1830's. Through putting molten metal under high pressure, the toy vehicles are moulded into various shapes and structures, forming mini toy replicas of the real life vehicles themselves. All Diecast vehicles are made from mostly metal but include details of plastic, rubber and glass to add intricate detailing.


Vintage vehicles are very popular with collectors as the vehicles are not sold in mainstream shops anymore and therefore they are a lot rarer to find. They still have the high quality as modern Diecast vehicles but are older models, which in turn adds value to theses specific types.

There are lots of vintage Diecast cars, trucks and vans to choose from, that vary in brand, model and colour but they all offer high quality, vintage vehicles which are perfect for collectors or car enthusiasts of all ages. Some of the vehicle types available include the corgi, matchbox and dinky, where you can be sure to find many of these in their original boxes too.


Dinky cars are one of the most popular types of Diecast vehicles ever made, produced between 1934 to 1979 in England. Excitingly this range also includes some racing cars, London buses; refuse wagon and a variety of trucks. If looking to buy Diecast racing cars , then it's important to note some of the most popular scales that determines their size, are the 1:24 and 1:64.


The Diecast corgi cars were made as replica scale models of the real life versions, including luxury car manufacturer brands such as Aston Martin, Austin and Triumph. At the time of production, they were known to be the only toy cars with the plastic windows so were seen as being very intricate with high attention to detail.


Matchbox vehicles are another type of vintage Diecast model vehicle. Interestingly they got their name because the vintage vehicles were sold in boxes that were of a similar size and style to a matchbox, fitting nicely into the palm of your hand.