Diecast Vehicle Collections & Bulk Lots

Diecast Vehicle Collections and Lots

There is a wide selection of diecast vehicle collections and lots available for collectors and diecast model enthusiasts to purchase.

Diecast cars and models were once the most popular playtime pursuit for children all over the world. At the height of their popularity, millions of diecast vehicles were made and sold every year, all crafted with exquisite detail and high quality finishes. Because of the level of craftsmanship involved during the manufacturing process, diecast vehicles are highly collectable and remain an affordable and popular hobby for many today.

The first diecast cars were not made until the late 1940s, with the first commercial line of diecast cars being the Matchbox 1-75 series by Lesney. Today, the collector's market is diverse and not just limited to passenger cars. Other popular categories include diecast sports cars , NASCAR, trucks, construction vehicles and service vehicles.

Diecast vehicle series

Many hobbyists may want to fill a gap in their collection of a certain series of diecast vehicles. Diecast vehicle collections and lots offer many possibilities to purchase specific models from a collector's wish list. Diecast vehicle collections have a wide selection of celebrated series vehicles to choose from including Corgi Classics, Matchbox Made in China and Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series.

Purchasing diecast vehicle collections as lots is an incredibly effective way of building your collections. They are available across a wide range of notable and highly reputed manufacturers including Corgi, Matchbox and Dinky.

Diecast vehicles scale

Diecast vehicles range from as large as 1:12 and 1:18 scale to as small as 1:87 and 1:148 scale. The 1:64 scale is the most typical and traditional scale for diecast cars. Diecast vehicle collections and lots are purchasable in various different scales of model and can also be bought across a wide selection of vehicle makes including leading marques such as Ferrari, Ford and Austin.

Most collectors begin their hobby by collecting those cars which are currently in manufacture. However, the appeal of vintage diecast vehicles is huge for the serious collector and these lots are available to select according to your requirements from vehicle year or era of manufacture.

It is important that diecast cars are maintained carefully. All diecast vehicle collections should be kept at room temperature in a relatively dry environment and dusted regularly. Most serious collectors opt to store their diecast cars in specialist display cases and other storage solutions.