Digital Photo Frames

View digital pictures directly from your camera's memory card with digital photo frames. Easy to use, simply remove the memory card from your camera and insert it into the allotted slot in the frame, then your pictures are instantly ready for viewing. Brands include Sony, Kodak, Philips, Nix, Samsung, Samsung, Logik, to name just a few. Some frames play music, have built-in alarm clocks, calendars and much more. They support JPEG Photos, MPEG4 and AVI Videos and MP3 Music files.

6” – 9.9” Digital Photo Frames

Gone are the days of developing or transferring picture files from your camera. 6” – 9.9” digital photos frames are a handy way to view your favourite photos and video clips whilst listening to your favourite tunes. Some of the features include built-in stereo speakers, remote controls and much more.

10” – 14.9” Digital Photo Frames

With 10” – 14.9” digital photo frames, you can view your most treasured memories without having to resort to turning on your computer or dealing with innumerable cumbersome photo albums. A high-resolution TFT-LCD screen offers you a clear-cut display of all the elaborate details encompassed in each photo.

15 – 19.9” Digital Photo Frames

Share your memories with 15 – 19.9” digital photo frames. Some are wall mountable, ideal for displaying anywhere in your home. With features such as an adjustable slide interval, individual image pausing and slideshow modes, exhibiting photos in your home has never been easier. All you need to do now is import them with a memory card or USB port.

20” and Larger Digital Photo Frames

Displaying photos and movie clips just got a whole lot better – and bigger. Larger digital photos frames boast a stunning 1024x768 pixel screen, meaning your photos and videos will be shown in perfect clarity. These sleek, elegant frames add a modern element to any classic furnishing and will be a feature in any room.