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Pickup Truck Sun Star Diecast Vehicles

As well as those people who use pickup trucks for work purposes, there are many who do not and like to collect compact and lightweight diecast trucks instead. Fans and collectors of various pickup trucks, famous in the history of motoring, will find many beautiful pickup truck Sun Star diecast vehicles to choose from.

Sun Star Models Development Ltd use their advanced diecast techniques to create pickup truck models which are full of accurate and intricate design details. Their various diecast pickup trucks are finished to a very high standard, with many also featuring bold, striking paint finishes and designs.

Pickup classics with designs from subtle to bold

Collectors of diecast model pickups will find options to suit their individual taste and fill in the gaps in their dedicated Sun Star collection. Sophisticated, classy designs and paint jobs are available such as that featured on Sun Star's Black Ford Model T pickup.

There are also models based on classic pickups, which have bolder, more daring designs such as that seen on one of Sun Star's flame-clad Chevrolet Hot Rod Pickups. With these popular designs and many others available, many of which are in between the two extremes, it is possible to create a diverse and exciting Sun Star diecast vehicle collection.

A choice of exquisite Sun Star colours

The quality of finish and depth of colour which Sun Star have achieved with each of their models is exceptional. Pickups painted in fantastic colour combinations all look great and Sun Star has produced diecast vehicles in many colours including glossy pure blacks, classy vintage yellows, cool blues, luscious green, bold reds and bright golds. With these and many other stunning colour combinations to be found, there is at least one Sun Star diecast pickup which will delight each and every collector.