Patio & Garden Furniture

Garden & Patio Furniture

Your garden should be an extension of your home and can be made comfortable with the use of garden and patio furniture. There is an extensive range of garden furniture available from benches, sun loungers and sofas, so you can find the ideal way to relax in your garden during the warmer weather and curl up in the colder weather enjoying clear frosty days and bright starry nights.

Garden Benches

Ideal for a seat for more than one person, a garden bench is an excellent piece of furniture that can be used across the seasons. Garden benches can be varnished so that they are weatherproofed which means they can remain in your garden all year round. Garden benches often included ornate detailing, so it is not only a practical seat, but it is also an attractive garden feature.

Loungers and Recliners

This type of furniture is ideal for the warmer months when you can lay back and soak up the sun. Recliners are usually adjustable so you can find your perfect relaxation position and can be altered to suit different needs. You can also find different types of cushioning for recliner seats, from a long cushion that covers the whole chair and smaller individual cushions that support the head and the back.

Garden Furniture Sets

Furniture sets will usually provide chairs, sofas and a table in one design and are ideal for entertaining. Sets will have removable padding and cushions so they can be removed during wet weather. You can also purchase additional and spare cushions in different colours to bring your furniture set to life and suit the theme of the occasion. Styles such as rattan, which is a woven design are very popular for garden furniture sets.

Furniture Covers

To protect your furniture from the elements then you can find furniture covers which are designed to be waterproof. Using furniture covers helps to stop your furniture from becoming stained, damaged or faded by preventing moisture from reaching it as well as protection from garden debris.