Darts & Accessories

Darts and Accessories

There is a huge range of darts and accessories on offer. Darts are available with different barrels, flights, tungstens and more. Dart brands range from Unicorn to Winmau and even Target. The darts you choose will depend on the weight, your playing style and your level of experience.

The Barrel

The most important part of the dart is the barrel. This affects the weight and it also determines the angle the dart is thrown at. Most darts range between 21g and 27g. It is possible to find darts that are lighter or heavier than this, however, they are very unusual. A dart that weighs 24g is considered to be the standard average. If you feel as though the dart is going higher than where you're aiming then it would be a good idea for you to opt for a heavier dart and vice versa.


Darts are available with knurling. Heavy knurling essentially means that the dart is easy to grip. This is all down to the player's own preference. Some people believe that a dart with a heavy knurl can stick to the fingers when it is thrown.

Shafts and Flights

Shafts and flights are also very important when choosing your darts. Flights effectively act as a kite for the dart. Flights can wear out easily when hit by other darts. They are also available in varying lengths. If you throw a dart with power, then a shorter shaft is more suited to you. If you rely on a light throw then a longer shaft will help the dart to cut through the air better. Shapes of flights include kite and teardrop, however, there are other styles available. Larger or longer flights also offer more stability. The shaft you choose will also depend on your choice of flight and this is usually down to playing style and personal preference.