Lawn Bowls Equipment

Lawn Bowls Equipment

Lawn bowls is an exciting and very accessible sport that can be enjoyed and played by all ages. Whether you require bowls, clothing, shoes, bags or any other lawn bowls equipment, you are sure to find something to make you look and feel the part. A great benefit to the sport is that lawn bowls does not require a huge amount of additional equipment to be able to fully enjoy the game.

A popular, worldwide game, lawn bowls is a non-contact sport requiring much patience and skill. The most important piece of lawn bowls equipment is the bowls themselves. Each player has four of these, which are heavier on one side, meaning they are biased and curve as they roll, forcing the bowler to roll their bowl out at an angle. The aim is to roll these along the bowling green, towards a smaller white ball, or Jack.


Bowls today are usually made out of a hard plastic composite material, but you can also find them made of wood or even rubber. Of course, if you own bowls, then it is essential to have a bag to carry them in.

The main brands, including Henselite, Taylor and Drakes Pride, all offer harnesses, carriers and bags designed for the safekeeping of a set of bowls.

Other key items of lawn bowling equipment include measuring tapes which may have callipers, for when it is too difficult to tell which bowl is closer to the Jack and scorecards. As a popular sport, there is a range of suitable bowling attire available for both indoor and outdoor needs, and for men and women players.

If players are outside, it may be prudent to own a waterproof garment that is both comfortable and durable. Climate control clothing can be essential to regulate temperature. Bowling sports shoes are similar to trainers and can come with laces and Velcro fastenings, and are usually of a neutral white, grey or brown colour.