Get active outdoors with a scooter

Why use your legs alone when there are far more fun ways to get around with a scooter you found on eBay. Fantastic for burning calories and making memories with your friends, there's sure to be a scooter suited to you.

Push scooters

The push scooter is an ever-popular model. Relying purely on leg power with no batteries to charge, you never need to worry about them not being ready when your kids want to head out to play. There are two wheel configurations. Classic two-wheel scooters and those with two rear and one front wheel. These are ideal for very young children to help them balance and can really boost their confidence. As they're built with young children in mind, these traditional style scooters come in a huge array of bright colours and designs, with a standing foot section that's extra wide for more equilibrium. They're also light to carry and foldable for easy storage.

Balance boards

Balance boards are seriously fun for both kids and adults alike and come with added health benefits of being outdoors and getting some exercise. Made up of two wheels at opposite ends of the board, riders lean forward slightly to propel themselves along in the same way you would do on a Segway.

A fantastic example is the Zinc Smart R hoverboard which can get up to speeds of 8mph just by tilting your toes and will travel a maximum of 5km on one charge. It can also manage inclines of up to 15 degrees, whilst the heavy-duty battery and balance indicators mean you'll always know when your juice is running low.

Electric scooters

Trusty and timeless, electric scooters have been a firm favourite with both kids and adults for years. Modern electric scooters come with a powerful, long lasting battery to propel you along so no risk of tired legs. Plus they come in a huge array of striking colours and designs and are lightweight and portable too.