Keyboards and Pianos

You might be making your first musical forays into playing the piano, encouraging a child into learning a new instrument or looking for something to add to an existing musical set up. Whatever you need, if you fancy tickling the ivories, you'll find from a huge selection of keyboards and pianos from entry level to studio quality and more besides. There's sure to be a brand, size and sound to fit your musical requirements.

Top Musical Brands

Choose from electric keyboards, grand pianos , uprights and harpsichords from name makers and well-known brands such as Yamaha , Technics and Zimmermann. Whether you're tempted to classically serenade or hit the keys for some jazz action there's sure to be a keyboard or piano boasting warm, authentic tones that will fit the bill.

Studio quality brands offer MIDI compatibility, authentic sampling, multi-function interfaces and full automation. Household names offer out-of-the-box usability, quick setup and features that will get you back to playing day after day without the hefty price tag and there's many manufacturers that offer everything in between.

There are as many reasons to choose an electric keyboard as there are choices of size, sound and utility. If you want something lightweight to take on the road or keep to hand for composition you'll find simple three octave instruments that will keep you playing wherever you are. If you want all the expression but with a control of volume, then an electric keyboard gives you the sound without disturbing the neighbours. If you're an advanced player looking for the versatility of multi voiced instruments with expressive, touch sensitive keys for your next performance or recording session there's a keyboard to fit your budget. Piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion, the choice is huge.