Costume Hair & Head Jewellery

Costume Hair and Head Jewellery

From exquisite Bollywood style hair jewellery, to classic tiaras, costume hair and head jewellery can transform a look and you don't necessarily have to be wearing formal or evening wear to take advantage. Why not wear a piece of hair jewellery with a band t-shirt and skinny jeans for an effortlessly cool look? It is the perfect way to dress up any outfit.

Costume hair jewellery can look amazing with a boho-inspired maxi dress and flip-flops (or wellies) which is ideal for festivals. Alternatively it can be used to add a bit of class to an everyday outfit.

Head jewellery can also include stick on bindis and stars for your cheeks too. You can also find head chain jewellery that is fastened from the nose across the cheeks.

Many brides wear a piece of costume hair jewellery on their wedding day as an alternative to a veil. From diamante encrusted tiaras to embellished vintage-inspired combs, a beautiful piece of costume hair or head jewellery can really add a beautiful finishing touch to a bridal look.

Going to a wedding? A decorative hair clip can be a solid alternative to a traditional fascinator or wedding hat. From delicate butterflies to flamboyant flowers, a jewelled hairclip is a practical and stylish headpiece to wear to a wedding.

A jewelled headband, worn across the forehead and over the hairline is still a popular choice amongst fashionistas, fashion bloggers and celebrities and looks fantastic with a summery dress and biker boots or worn with a classic little black dress too. These headbands come in a variety of colours, from silvers and golds to rock-chick blacks and vintage tans.

Costume hair and head jewellery comes in a variety of metals, finishes, lengths, styles and colours and is available both in pre-owned and brand new condition.