Jewellery Care, Design & Repair

Jewellery Boxes and Supplies

Jewellery boxes and supplies are available in a wide variety of types, styles and designs, for all types of jewellery.

Different types of jewellery boxes and supplies

Jewellery boxes are designed to store a variety of fine and costume jewellery pieces. These stylish jewellery boxes are available in a selection of different sizes, styles, shapes and colours. Most designs feature a range of compartments, drawers or sections.

Jewellery packaging generally comprises of small, compact and portable items. Drawstring pouches made from lightweight cotton, sheer organza or luxurious velvet are perfect for storing and transporting jewellery pieces.

Gift and presentation boxes are practical jewellery boxes and supplies options that are available in a selection of sizes, shapes and colours. The reusable boxes feature a lift off or hinged lid.

Jewellery displays are a practical and stylish way to organise and store all types of fine and costume jewellery. Choose from wall mounted hangers, spacious glazed lid boxes, table top stands and popular jewellery trees, in a range or styles and designs.

Other jewellery supplies that are practical and ideal for use with any jewellery collection include hands free and hand held eye glass loupe magnifiers, ring sizers and mandrel finger gauges.

Cleaners and polish are designed to keep all items of fine jewellery in optimal condition. Soft polishing cloths and cleaning solution are available for sterling silver, yellow and white gold, and gemstones. Ultrasonic cleaners are an alternative option.

Material variations of jewellery boxes and supplies

The classic modern jewellery box is typically made from wood or other rigid material. Soft fabric or velvet typically lines the interior. Some stylish jewellery boxes are covered with faux leather.

Luxury organza is often used to make lightweight sack shaped pouches. The semi transparent mesh-like fabric pouch has a finished edge and drawstring closure, and is available in many colours and sizes.

Cotton linen is an alternative soft, textured fabric that is used to make drawstring pouches for jewellery. Soft fabric is also used as an alternative lining material.

Velvet is a luxurious option for jewellery boxes and supplies. The fabric is typically used to make drawstring pouches and to line the interior of jewellery storage and display boxes. Many jewellery stands are also covered in velvet.

Plastic is sometimes used to make casings and components for many types of jewellery boxes and supplies. Large ultrasonic jewellery cleaners traditionally have a plastic outer casing.