Costume Charms and Charm Bracelets

Costume charms and charm bracelets are fashionable and stylish accessory choices . The classic charm bracelet is made for decorating with elegant embellishments, and for showing off with charms designed to represent memories, feelings and favourite things.

Different types of costume charms and charm bracelets

Costume charms and charm bracelets are designed to be paired together. Starter style charm bracelets are mostly made from sterling silver or plated metal and have a simple and plain design. The bracelet has a chain or link style. Braided leather and woven material charm bracelets are an alternative option.

Costume charms are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours, styles and designs. The petite charms are designed to be attached to the chain or link style charm bracelet. Popular themed motif charms are usually made from sterling silver or other metals, and are often embellished with colourful Murano glass or enamel detail.

Some costume charms and charm bracelets are designed as a complete accessory. The chain or link bracelets are fully loaded with round and barrel shaped rhinestone encrusted charms, motif charms and other themed charms. Some charm bracelets have a chic pared down look, and only feature one or two dangling charms.

Style variations of fashionable costume charms and charm bracelets

Family and friends themed bracelets include a selection of stylish engraved and personalised pieces. The sterling silver and silver plated mini charms feature popular engraved details like Mum, sister, cousin etc.

Letters, number and words are ideal for customising any modern and stylish charm bracelet. Choose from initials, numbers that have a special meaning, and popular quote type slogans.

Animals and insects make up a popular collection of fashionable costume charms and charm bracelets. The highly polished, unusual themed charms are often decorated with enamel, pave set rhinestones or sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Costume charms that feature themed designs of love and hearts make a stylish and thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day. The distinctive love heart charm is available in a wide selection of decorative styles and designs, to attach to all kinds of charm bracelet.

Celestial and horoscope style costume charms and charm bracelets are themed to display symbols that are linked to birthdays. Choose from zodiac motif decorative pieces, and charms that tastefully display the birthstone that is associated with your horoscope sign.

Standard costume charms attachments

Many costume charms are designed to dangle from the bracelet via a clip on clasp.

Some styles of costume charms have a round or cylindrical barrel shape, and are designed to slide over the thin charm bracelet chain. Other costume charms clip onto the blanks spaces on a link bracelet.