Pond Water Features

From the functional to the aesthetic, many people choose to furnish their garden ponds with a wide range of accessories and decorations.

Pond and Fountain Pumps

Pumps are designed to recycle and aerate pond or fountain water. The water is drawn into the pump and often passed through filters before flowing back into the pond. If the outlet pipe drives the water above the surface it provides additional aeration, which is an important consideration if you have fish. Pumps are insulated against water damage to protect electrical parts and require an external power supply.


Pond filters clean the water, removing chemicals and algae. They generate no independent water flow and require attachment to a pump or a hose. Some filters attach to a standard garden hose and are used to remove the chlorine from tap water during water changes or refills. Others attach to a pump for more permanent cleaning solutions and may be UVC based, such as the Lotus Bio-Clear models, using high concentration UVC to kill harmful algae.

Pond Lighting

Pond lights are available in a range of colours and can be purchased individually or in multi-packs. Powered either by batteries or by an external power source, lights can be used to create ambience in any water feature and many are safe for fish and pond life.

Pond Equipment

Plastic hoses are often made of safe food grade plastic and designed for emptying/cleaning your pond or water feature. Pond nets can be cut to size to cover your garden pond or water feature, making them safe for children, pets and wildlife. Aquatic life is extremely sensitive and pond features must be cleaned using safe products that contain no harsh chemicals, such as Sparkle Aquatic Feature Cleaner.

Pond Features and Decorations

Fountains, cascades, waterfalls and decorative statues are popular additions to many garden ponds. Some are purely aesthetic, whilst others can be attached to the pump, creating a water flow which encourages aeration. Others, such as the Decoy Plastic Heron, also have a practical application in deterring predators.