Gymnastics Gear

Gymnastics Equipment

Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that requires a unique combination of skills. It's split into two types; artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics, each with their own disciplines.

Artistic gymnastics typically involves events including floor exercise, pummel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, uneven bars and balance beam. Rhythmic gymnastics combines elements of ballet, dance and gymnastics and uses hand-held props.

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Training Equipment

Whether the horizontal bar, balance beam or gymnastics rings are your gym equipment of choice, you'll find thousands of items to choose from. Those training at a professional level may wish to invest in high performance pieces while hobby gymnastics may have different requirements.

Gymnastic rings are great for building overall strength and are made from plastic or wood. Typically gymnastic rings come in one size whereas horizontal bars are adjustable by height. You can find some designed specifically for adults or children, and others that are suited to varying levels of skill.

If you'd like to perfect your jumps and handstands, you'll require a heavily padded balance beam made from suede and foam. If you don't have the floor space to keep your balance beam out at all times, you can opt for a style that is either foldable or of a shorter length.

Gymnastics Accessories

As well as training equipment you'll also find padding in the form of tumbling mats and foam blocks that can be used to break a fall. There's also a wide range of self-protection including wrist straps and bar grips.

Gymnastics clothing is usually eye-catching and a great way for a gymnast to showcase their personality. You'll find thousands of leotards and costumes to choose from, with the option to have personalised embellishments or team costumes created for competitions.

Rhythmic gymnasts will appreciate the array of rubber clubs and dancing ribbon in every colour imaginable. Plus there are hundreds of kit bags to choose from so you can bring your gymnastics kit to rehearsals and competition in style.